Monday, April 7, 2014

On the eve of 35

It's been much too long since I made an entry here. So much happened in this last year. So much of it overwhelmed to the point I didn't know how I'd ever write it down - so I just didn't. 
I think the word that summed up the year 2013 is 'daughter'. Chris and I finalized our daughter's adoption in August. Taylor Desiree Pierce. The desire of Mommy's heart. That day will forever be amazing. Tears of joy. Laughter. Peace for the first time in a long time. God's amazing plan.
So 34 has been a good year. A GREAT year really! We have breathed deeply and fully and enjoyed every morsel of life to its fullest. I have played and laughed and watched in wonder at each passing day at her growth, her strength, her intelligence, and her beauty. I have shed a few tears watching her change from my tiny four pound baby into this tall little girl who is fearless and challenging.
I've made personal conquests too. I faced my fear of returning to work in pursuit of more than 'a job.' I've met the challenge. I've impressed my employer. I've been promoted. With each day that goes by I feel more sure of myself and my ability to lead and contribute to the organization.
I've run. I've run races. I've run for fun. I've ran when it was raining. I've ran when it was cold and I've ran in the sweltering heat of an Alabama summer. I've challenged myself. I've faced injury and I'm still in recovery, but I run. I run because I love it. I run because I compete - I compete with myself - and I always win. I am still very proud of my half marathon medal - definitely a prized item for this year - but I also already have sights on adding to what I want to be a collection. 
I've spent time with friends. Never as much as I'd like. Mostly this year has deepened existing relationships instead of adding to the mix. My friends are dear precious people - all broken in some way or another - as an I - and all striving to be better, love deeper, and give more. I am blessed by their friendships.
I have learned some things this year. Some are not pretty things though. Some are about me. Perspective. It's the truth. And it's always changing. Sometimes you can say things - you can be adamant in your conviction - you can be telling the complete truth when perspective and circumstance change. You haven't lied and you haven't changed, but the earth beyond you shifted and everything is different. 
Here's hoping that God's hand is on 35. I am looking forward to learning new things about the world - and some about me. I am looking forward to my next medal. I am looking forward to each and every day with My Baby Girl. My Taylor. And with her dad, the Love of my Life. My Christopher.
 Thank you, God, for this beautiful life I have and all your blessings I receive daily and with each breath.

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