Wednesday, July 6, 2011

home alone and blueberry deliciousness

Today began with an emergency run to the grocery store for baking supplies!  Out of eggs and sugar - Oh My!  So I loaded up on all the necessaries and came home to get some serious baking done.  The only question really was "what to bake?"

Well, hubby, the boys, and I picked some blueberries at a local farm on July 4th.  Four gallons of blueberries to be exact! So the obvious answer was blueberry something.  Well I had this great idea for a new challenge.  What if I could make some sort of pineapple upside down cake thingie but using blueberries?  Well as it turns out, that's just what happened!
I also made a dozen blueberry muffins because those are always so yummy!  The cake turned out perfectly!  It wasn't very sweet and was very true to those berries!  The recipe I found was really neat and didn't even use granulated sugar; instead, it used honey in both the berry glaze and the batter. 
Fortunately, Not only did I have honey, but I had special honey from our recent trip to Ringgold, GA.  Down the street from the cabin we rented was "Pleasant Valley Pure Honey by Bobby Gordy Apiaries."  It was delicious! Delicious honey and a fantastic cake!

This was a really fun day off with fun baking projects!  I so love baking!!

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