Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Karate and two girls

The boys had karate belt testing last week. Unfortunately I missed the testing, but I was able to see the boys get their belts yesterday! The oldest got his yellow belt black stripe and the younger got his yellow belt. I'm very happy for them and proud of their continued progress.

Baby Girl just turned 4mths old! How time flies! Her checkup revealed she is now 15lbs and 25" tall!! She's come a long way from the tiny preemie that arrived here. In fact, she's grown so much we're able to change formula to regular not preemie! I love this Baby Girl so very much. I never get tired of hearing the MD tell me she's perfect.

Baby J went for a hearing screen this morning. She had failed in the hospital. Thank the Lord, this child passed. She can hear in both ears!! She's scheduled to have a visit with her birth mom tomorrow. I'm praying it goes well.

Love all my children. Love that wonderful man who lives and provides for us all.

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