Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crazy week, Crazy life

I haven't posted since Mother's day, but as you can imagine it's non-stop around here.  There are a number of reasons why I haven't posted of late.  The laundry list of reasons includes but is not limited to:  available time for blogging, drama, and sheer confusion about what to share and what not to.

So, here's the update n what's been happening and what is in the near future.

First, Baby Girl is now over 6-months old!  That beautiful baby makes my heart smile every day!  She weighed in at 18lbs and 3oz at her last check-up and is in the 85percentile.  I'm one proud momma!  She's not able to sit up on her own, but she can maintain the position without falling over for a couple of minutes at a time.  She's also able to get all over the room, but still isn't crawling.  She spins around on her belly and scoots herself by pushing her feet whether she's on her back or front. She's the cutest child I've ever seen and I am so thankful for her in every way.

Baby J is also growing and changing.  We had a really rough start with her. She was so sick and shaky to begin, but this child has come SO far!  She smiles and giggles all the time!  The only times she's really fussy any more are when she's hungry!  Good Lord don't make either of my girls wait on a bottle!  Baby J is nearly 4 months old!  It seems like just yesterday I brought her home from the hospital as a temporary visitor.  She's nearly doubled in weight.  She's just begun scooting on her back by pushing with her feet.  She's reaching and grabbing toys, playing, trying to roll but getting stuck on her side... She's just really hit the fast-forward button in developing and I really don't see much if any of a lag anymore.  Even the pediatrician said she's marveled at how far Baby J has come.  She said she didn't know what I was doing with the babies at home, but to please keep doing it.  That really made me feel good.

Both our boys are registered for our school system pending just a couple more documents and we're very excited about the opportunities that'll be made available to each of them as a result.  Just praying it all pushes through.

Our Oldest son is at band camp this week.  He'd tried out several months ago and chose the French horn.  He's learning Hot Cross Buns, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and a few others this week.  I'm really proud of him and his efforts.

Our Younger son is at McWane Science Camp this week.  He's learning about Forces of Nature.  He seems to be enjoying it and learning.  He begins Football in August and we're all excited about it.  He said he wanted to play so his Mom registered him!  I think he's nervous about it.  He's a born athlete, but he tends to be on the inactive side, so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out.  His newest thing is claiming he thinks he has asthma when he gets winded riding his bike....  Well, football will get him in shape I hope and in a hurry!

For July 4th we did our annual blueberry picking!  It was HOT outside and the berries were more difficult to pick because many had ripened early and already fallen.  We did get 4 gallons though.  Late that afternoon we visited briefly with some old friends where we usually spend the 4th.  We couldn't stay for the fireworks there though because the boys' karate instructor through a huge pool party at our community pool!  It was a great party!  The park beside the pool is also a prime location for watching the fireworks.  It was a win all the way around!

This weekend we leave for our annual family vacation.  This year it's much different given there are now 6 of us (4 children - it often occurs to me we're far outnumbered)!  We're also taking our very first EVER whole week of vacation!  We're taking the children to the beach.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the girls react to the beach.  I think it was a good choice for our diverse age groups :)

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