Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day was Sunday.  I have to be honest, I have always thought Mother's Day/Father's Day were silly.  Since I've been working in food service I find them utterly awful.  It seems to me that if most people were nicer to their mother all year long it wouldn't be so bad and restaurants wouldn't be so awful.  As it is, I refer to the as Hallmark Holidays.  The book Waiter's Rant is fantastic for many reasons, but should be read for the chapter on Mother's Day alone.

Those things said, this was my first Mother's Day to have small children in the house.  Several people wished me a Happy first Mother's Day!  While the sentiment was very sweet, and true to an extent, it made me a little sad because it's just further proof that nobody respects a stepmom.  I never see the boys on Mother's Day and until last year had never gotten a phone call from them on Mother's Day.  Maybe next year somebody will tell them they should get me a card.  I'm not their birth mom, but I'm their "mom" too - I give hugs, discipline, do homework, make meals, and cart them to practices... Those are all mom tasks... I love my boys.

Now for my first Mother's Day with the girls, there were some very nice things.  I got a card "signed" by both Baby Girl and Baby J!  Me, the Mother's Day skeptic, cried like a little girl at the scribble. I was given a framed picture of the three of us that reads "Happy Mother's Day! You are our world" and a great polka dotted snuggly blanket.  These came from the girls and my wonderful husband.  My girlfriend, Laura, gave me a gorgeous yellow and purple orchid for Mother's Day.  One of my grandmother's, my dad's stepmom in fact, mailed me a Mother's Day card; she and I have had many conversations about being a stepmom and she always calls me on Mother's Day.  After work I came home to a lovely steak dinner my fella prepared for us and we spent the evening with the girls.  It was a really lovely Sunday afternoon.

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