Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Growing up!

It's amazing how fast children grow up. I remember my sweet boys when Hubby and I started dating. They were so small still and so sweet.  We had many a pillow fight at which time it was easy to knock them over with said pillow.  They are both so very big now.  Our oldest is so excited about the end of this school year and beginning Homewood Middle School next year.  We are also very excited for him! I think he will love it and I know it's going to open a new exciting chapter in his life.  I'm so proud of him for trying out and joining the band!  We went with him this week and he tested highest in trumpet and French horn.  He chose the French horn!  So excited of him.

The youngest boy wants to play football!  Hopefully we'll have a Homewood Patriot on our hands soon :)  I'll keep ya posted.  Love those boys!

Baby Girl is now rolling over and trying very hard to sit up.  She loves her Jenny Jump Up! She's growing so fast!

Baby J is now nearly 6 weeks old.  She's put on a good amount of weight and is definitely progressing.
Love those girls!

Love my family!

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