Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Days

May is well under way.  It has been full of excitement.  First, there was We Love Homewood Day.  This is the first Saturday of May every year and has become an annual tradition for our entire family to attend.  This year I entered the Homewood Spirit Scamper 5k benefiting the Homewood Marching Band and their upcoming trip to the Rose Bowl next fall.  Matt had planned to do this race too and Christian wanted to do the fun run.  Unfortunately, the weather of late has been unseasonably cool AND there was crazy rain the night before; although it was a rain or shine event, the course flooded and they cancelled the race.  Additionally they had to cancel all the day's park activities held walking distance from our home at Patriot Park.  The light at the end of the tunnel however is that the sky cleared and the city put on the annual parade and street dance.  It was perfect.  I love dancing in the street with my two loves; I love seeing my daughter dance with her daddy anywhere.

The following Saturday, May 11th was the Buck Creek Festival in Helena.  This was my first time to attend the festival though it's been going on for over a decade.  My favorite part was the rubber duck race; there was a dumpster of rubber ducks turned loose in the creek!  I loved seeing Baby Girl play in the creek water, dance by the stage, and in general frolic.

Sunday, May 12th was Mother's Day!  It was wonderful!  I went to church with my mother, then spent the rest of the day with The Loves of My Life!  We had Zoe's chicken salad as a picnic outside the zoo, followed by a wonderful zoo trip!  Baby Girl really gets excited over some of the animals and I love to see her face light up!  We ended this fun day with a trip to Steel City Pops.  This was Baby Girl's second Pops experience; she loves the strawberry!  I had the passion fruit flavor and Hubby had the peanut butter. All were phenomenal! Baby Girl even stole mine away from me so she could have both!  (I couldn't begrudge her; both is my favorite too) LOL

Thursday the 16th was supposed to be Baby Girl's TPR trial.  There was a technicality on timing however and the trial has been postponed until June 4th.  The Judge did here Baby Girl's social worker's testimony on the matter however.  The social worker resigned from DHR and was moving across the country this weekend.  All this transition makes me very uncomfortable, but I am SO thankful that she was able to testify to the details of the case before her departure.  We were able to sit in the court room this time and listen to the deposition.  While I am SO EXCITED to be moving forward to our forever in the case, it was very sad and hard to hear the "facts" of the case.  I wanted to be there in case she ever asks me about it, but I would never want to tell her what was said. 

Today, the 18th, was very busy.  It included Baby Girl shoe shopping, a birthday party, a Sam's shopping trip, and a 3mile run!  I am thoroughly worn out and will be going to sleep very soon.

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