Saturday, July 7, 2018


So 2017 will forever be remembered as “the year of change.” I was downsized in January after months of work hostility under an extreme micromanager with a Napoleon complex. I spent 3 months at home. Started my own services business in interior painting. And eventually was hired back to work for a great pulp plant here in the area. After just a few months at the pulp plant, I received a call from a company I’d been trying to get on with for about 8 Years - and surprisingly received the job offer! Now I am really in a position I like and have a lot of flexibility. So while the year started off with heart-ache, self-doubt,, and a significant amount of uncertainty, at its close, the year has been a good one. That said, I’m glad to see 2016 close and am hoping for a more stable, but continually prospering 2018.
At home things are good. Our daughter never ceases to amaze us. She has grown into this beautiful and talented little girl! She amazes me with her intellect, reasoning, and spirit every day. I love being her mom more than anything else in this world.
I have finally made it beyond the half-way point in my master’s program pursuit and will continue to make progress through 2018 with a goal set for May 2019 to complete the program.

Life is good.

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