Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finished GPS Classes

The last week has been a whirl-wind.  Work was crazy busy and I loved every minute of it; it was Birmingham Restaurant Week! Our restaurant offered a lunch and dinner menu special for the week and business was great ~ as was the food!  We did a roasted eggplant and goat cheese bruschetta that was mouth-watering, a fried tilapia over mashed potatoes with a chipolte mango sauce that was a flavor and texture delight, and many other truly delicious meals!  What a great time and something I really enjoyed being able to participate in.

In addition to work, is life though.  Saturday night I was able to celebrate with one of my best friends the first birthday of her daughter.  It was a beautiful party and a beautiful family I was able to spend the evening with.  I am so thankful that I was invited and was able to attend this celebration!  Happy Birthday, E, and many, many more! 

My boys are beginning to grow up and I find at least one of them particularly moody at times.  I love them so very much.  I found myself Saturday evening with one of those fleeting moments when they both wanted to be close.  It was so good for my heart.  I've enjoyed all those moments of being close to my children, but now when they don't want it so often it's like it means so much more and it comforts my heart that we'll get through the coming adolescence. 

Monday we finished our GPS class training on foster/adoptive parenting!  These classes were very helpful in a variety of different ways.  Our trainers were great!  Particularly Ms. Fran was wonderful; she's a great resource for fostering and the variety of situations we could encounter.  She tells all her stories with love and passion.  Last night we had a buffet dinner where I was designated pound cake.  I brought vanilla, chocolate, and lemon.  There wasn't a piece left!  I love to bake :)  Our final home visit is scheduled for early October; this leaves us some time to finish the punch list and spend some quality time just the 4 of us before things begin to change!

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