Wednesday, September 28, 2011

13 Days and Counting, plus a promotion!

I am very excited!  I got a promotion at work!  I've now been working at the restaurant for about a year and I really love the place.  I love the boss, I love my co-workers, and I love our customers!  Oh, and have I mentioned I love food and I love the food at the restaurant!!  Well I guess all those loves brought about a change that I didn't ask for nor would've thought I wanted, but I do - I got a promotion to "Manager".  Now I still have a ton of stuff to learn, but that I'm getting the opportunity is very exciting.  I am also getting a new schedule with this new title.  I am also very excited about my new schedule!  I'm still going to have the flexibility I need for our family, but I'm going to work more days and less nights - which means time home with my family!!  This is such a blessing!  I am so happy :)

I got all the trim painted in the back bedroom this week on my time off.  The only thing lacking is finishing the closet and painting the bedroom door.  Unfortunately the rain held up the door painting or we'd now be finished.  The toddler half of the room is done.  The infant side is still a wreck since all the stuff from the closet is stacked over there.  It will be finished one way or another next week!  Only 13 days until our social worker comes back to approve us!

I've spent the morning reading articles and blogs on adoption.  A friend led me to This Little Light of Mine and from there I jumped to other pages of people adopting from Haiti.  I spent time reading and praying for these families today - families separated by oceans that desperately want to bring their children home.  May God bless them with peace and perseverance.  I also read some articles on foster parenting and fost/adoption.  One particularly about a lady who had 2 infant placements for short periods and how she still loves and misses those children, how her heart hurt to give them up, but knew it was as it should be and how her son came to her as the third child.  I pray for the strength to give any and all children in our home what they need at the time they're here. I pray for our child that we don't know yet that God will bring them to us so that we may be the family He intends. As the time draws near, I pray - wisdom, peace, and longevity.  The ability to nurture and to teach. To be the support and steadfastness needed.  I pray that none of us will ever be the same for the better. I pray for our boys because there will be many changes for them too, but I also pray that they will learn things about life and love that they would have never known otherwise.  I pray that God guide us every step of the way. I pray.

13 days and counting.  Maybe we'll have a new family member here for Halloween! I love playing dress-up!

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