Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a week

it's one week until our final home visit.  I'm nervous, but I know it's not necessary.  I know she's going to come visit and see and approve us.  I'm nervous about our first placement.  I'm nervous about "doing it right."  I'm nervous about how it will change things with the kids, with Chris and I, with our families, with everything from here out.  I'm also very excited.  I love children.  I have had a heart for child advocacy for a long time.  I have enjoyed very much putting together a room for small children to enjoy and call home.

M's teacher stopped me after school today to talk briefly.  She said he's been talking about us adopting at school.  He's still not really happy with it.  I explained that we are fostering to adopt.  She and I talked and she agrees that he's just acting like most children; he's concerned with two households and separate children where he'll fit and what will change.  She also said that though she doesn't know us, she's happy for us and is doing everything she can to reassure him.  Then she told me - her oldest daughter was adopted!  It's a small world and we've found support in places we didn't know we had.  Thank God for the people he puts in place.

It's also a week until the boys, or more likely just M, tests for a first Karate belt.  It's very exciting times around here :)  He's very excited about testing.  He's doing very well in class; they are both doing well.  I'm very proud of them.  I can't wait to see them show off their skills.  I can't believe how big my boys have gotten.  I miss their tiny faces.

My Boys C & M 10/9/2007

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