Wednesday, October 19, 2011

scary cupcakes and other life stuff

this is my second go round with this post.  i'm not sure what happened with the first one - the interweb ate  it...

anyways, this week i finished a project for the boys.  i brought homemade halloween themed treats to school.  i know it's a little early yet, but the rest of the month is pretty busy and besides it was ready!  First I painted dancing skeletons on glasses filled with halloween treats (my favorite was the eyeball gumballs)!  Then I made scary bleeding cupcakes stabbed with broken glass.  everything was made from scratch! (chocolate espresso cupcakes, vanilla buttercream icing, hardened sugar glass, and cherry sauce blood)  It was terrifying :)

The boys were really impressed and really felt special so I was glad I was able to give that to them.  

The room for our future foster children is finally complete.  My friend Courtney painted a picture for the wall and my friend Rebecca helped me sew the curtains for the windows.  Here are the pics.

Here are some other pics from our life this October.  It's been fun thus far and is only getting better!
Mom's birthday!

Phoenix helping decorate for Halloween

Phoenix and Bear

Bear and I

Brio date night with my Love

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