Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Final home visit - DONE!

Our final home visit was completed today.  The social worker came out, verified we'd done all the little things DHR requires, asked us to expound on some points in our personal background questionaires, and then she left.  She said we're good!  She said she still has to type up the home study report, a 15-20 page report, and then submit it to her supervisor for final licensing.  It could be as early as this month, but it's more likely to happen sometime next month.

M tested for his first Karate belt tonight.  He did great.  His moves were sharp and clean.  I was very proud of him.  His mom, dad, brother and I were all there to watch.  He's a great kid and I'm really happy for him.  I also really like the program they're part of and am glad we were able to get them both involved in it.  C wasn't feeling up to par tonight; they're offering a make-up test in a few weeks and he may be able to catch up then if he wants to.

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  1. So glad your final home visit is done! Whew! What a relief...right? Feel free to pass along any pointers. We should be starting ours soon!