Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted!  Time flew by this November and our calendar is already filling up in December!  I also just realized that while I've been taking tons of pictures - always - that I have not downloaded them yet!  Alas tomorrow I return to work so picture downloads will have to wait.
As for the month of November.  It was busy as always.  My beautiful niece Ms. P turned 3!  I have been in love with this little girl since the moment I found out she was coming :)  She had a My Little Pony party at her house complete with "Pin the cutie mark on the pony" game and a Repunzel tower cake.  It was a pretty snazzy party for a three-year-old.
We've also taken up ice skating. Saturday nights from 7-9 is open ice at the Pelham Civic Complex.  It's great exercise and alot of fun.  Hubby and I went with friends the first time, but then with the kids and friends the next.  The boys LOVED it!  They even asked today when we'd go again!  Anything that keeps us moving during these cold months count me in!  I do not want to be sedentary.
Of course we had Thanksgiving and oh how I wish I had those pictures downloaded.  I made some incredible food!  An amazing stuffed pork loin with an apple and sage stuffing, 4 cheese mac n cheese that included gruyere, cheddar, parmesan, and feta; my great grandmother's should be famous corn casserole; roasted sweet potatoes; peanut butter pie; pumpkin roll; brownies.  I really had a BLAST cooking everything.  It is what I love.  Hubby's family and my parents and grandparents all came to feast with us.  Our boys even got to come much earlier than expected and made it to dinner with us!  It was a wonderful day of family time.
We saw Breaking Dawn part 1 Saturday evening.  Oh how I love the teen drama :)
Sunday we put up the Christmas Tree!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and Christmas decorating!  Putting up the tree has become a tradition that Hubby and I do alone.  The boys get to participate at their mom's house so I don't feel they're being deprived and I feel like it's special time Hubby and I share.  We go pick out the tree together, which mostly consists of him holding up various trees for my inspection :) Then we bring it home, test the lights, and sing Christmas carols while we decorate.  It's always a fun time. Our tree is purple and blue and coordinated with the house.  It's pretty :)
We still haven't received our first foster placement call.  I followed up with our social worker today to confirm we were licensed.  She responded "I'm sure you're licensed let me check on it and I'll get back to you asap".  That was early this morning and I haven't received another message today. It's frustrating.  While I don't wish for what creates a foster placement, I wish to help and I really want to have a small child in the house for Christmas.  There's something magical for small children at this time of year and I want to help create that magic for a child that needs and wants it.
Tomorrow marks the end of November and then the 25 days of Christmas begin! YAY!

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