Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our first doctor visit

Today was our first doctor visit.  Baby Girl has been with us for nearly 3 weeks!  She will turn 1 month old this week.  I can't believe it's been that long already! The doctor says she's doing very well.  She's still a little small, but is otherwise in very good health. The doctor seems to think she'll catch up over time which was encouraging.  She has gained almost 3 lbs!  I was shocked and excited! My little tiny princess has outgrown her preemie clothes and is now filling out new born sizes.  At this rate we'll soon be growing into the 0-3mth size!

Today I was able to meet Baby Girl's social worker.  She seems nice but had literally just been handed the file so didn't know much about the case yet.  We have a home visit set up for next Monday morning.  Baby Girl has a very busy social calendar that I have to keep up with now! haha

We've been so blessed by our friends of late with help caring for Baby Girl and one of my girlfriends has loaded us up with tiny baby girl stuff!  Her daughter is 15mths old and she has tons of stuff.  Being a "new mommy" this has been great since I'm still not completely sure what to buy when out on my own haha.  I love that she's bringing stuff she knows I need.  I have used everything she's shared from clothing and blankets to swing.  Thank God for Erin :)

My boys are still in love with their new "little sister" and I have never seen my wonderful hubby so smitten.  It's a really beautiful time in our home and we're cherishing every moment of it.  We're still aware things could change at any time.  We're still praying for what's best for our Baby Girl and for the strength for whatever that may be.

I have been cooking and baking like crazy lately.  This week alone I've made pasta carbonara with roasted vegetables, huevos rancheros, and 3 cheese stuffed manicotti with fresh spinach and roasted vegetables.  Sunday night I roasted a large pan of mixed veggies in the oven.  I've made 2 entrees and 3 different lunches out of them.  So healthy, easy, and delicious!  I used a trio of bell peppers, purple onion, carrots, celery, squash and zuccini.  I roasted them with garlic, olive oil, and sea salt on 350F for about an hour.  The lunches made with the roasted veggies were quick and easy mini pizzas on open faced english muffins, quesadillas which I added black beans also used in the huevos rancheros, and an AMAZING pita pocket stuffed with red pepper hummus, fresh spinach, sauteed mushrooms and of course the veggies!  I'm pretty proud of the use of ingredients and elimination of waste in doing all these dishes.  I'm also proud that I was able to get veggies into so many meals!

That's all the happenings on the home front today.  I am so blessed.  I love my growing family and gosh I love to cook.  And wow don't I love it when my kids are in the kitchen with me.  I think that may be one of my favorite things.  =]

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