Monday, January 23, 2012

First Tornado of 2012

The first tornado(s) of the year came in the wee hours of the morning today.  For many years I ignored the sirens with the thoughts that if it were to come and take us then there wouldn't be much point.  After the devastation that devoured our state last year in April, I think I may still be correct but I now have a deep-seated fear.  After watching all the heart ache of the families sifting through their belongings last year my heart just hurts.  We heard the siren go off around 3am this morning.  I literally leaped from the bed. As we watched the storm track on Fox6 I cried.  I knew it wasn't tracking for us, but it makes my heart hurt to watch it.  Didn't our state get enough last year?  At the least it's just too early in the year!  Tornado season shouldn't begin until late March to April...  My other thoughts were for our boys.  While we're in no way in a protective bubble, we are blessed not to live in an area where the storms track often.  As the tears streamed I asked my hubby, why are our boys never here when storms come?  They were safe in their mom's basement, but I just wished they were at our home safe with us. We were blessed yet again this round and didn't suffer any damage or losses in our family.  I'm praying for those who the storm touched this morning.

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