Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meeting Big Sister

Today was a big day for Baby Girl and our family.  Today we met her bio Big Sister.  We met at a neutral location and had intended to sit outside near the play area, but it was just too windy and chilly for Baby Girl out there (not to mention us grown-ups). Big Sister was very sweet and loving and enjoyed meeting Baby Girl.  I am really excited about them getting to know one another!  I'm already envisioning birthday parties, tea party play dates, and kindergarten graduations.  Big Sister and her Gran are wonderful and I'm looking forward to our next visit.
Gran was able to tell me how much Baby Girl favors her sister at that age.  Big Sister is 4-1/2 yrs old.  Big Sister is SO TALL and she has big, beautiful eyes, heart shaped lips, and gorgeous skin that look so like our Baby Girl.  She's a bundle of energy!
Gran was also able to shed some light on their history and more bio family.  She asked if we would keep Baby Girl since we're foster parents; Yes! We're in love with her; she is part of our family now and forever.  We're all praying that Baby Girl gets to stay with us so the girls can maintain a relationship.
We took some pictures of the girls and I left a little picture book with them so they'd have pictures of Baby Girl and our family. Then they helped pack Baby Girl up so she could go home with her Mommy (me!).  It was a really good first meeting and I'm excited about the way God is building our family and Baby Girl's!

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