Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 brought us a baby!

I just read my last post and it closed with what will 2012 bring? 2011 ended with our first foster care placement.  Beautiful "Baby Girl" came to us on Friday 12/30 around 6pm.  She's so very special and so very loved already.  She was born on my dad's birthday and came to live with us on my oldest son's birthday straight from the hospital.  She was born 4lbs. 14oz. and was 18" long.  She is tiny and simply beautiful.  Our house is already very different and all for the better. She is exactly what I knew we were missing here.

We are praying for God's will for what's best for Baby Girl. Her next court date is the end of January, but unless something develops in the next week or so it seems she'll be with us for some time.  We love her so much and are thankful for the prospect of her staying with us for some time.  At the same time I feel sad for her because she is so perfect and wonderful I wonder where her bio family is...  Sometimes I'm overcome from the sheer joy of having her here, at other times with fear for our family as we go through this process with her, and still at others with sadness for her at the loss she's already experienced just days in this world.  I have promised her that I'll be as strong as I can, that I'll love her with my whole heart, and that I will do my very best to advocate for her.

The goal of foster care is to reunite families.  At this time we don't know anything about her family.  We are the only family she knows.  I was concerned about our boys and their initial reception of her.  It only took moments of seeing her small person for them to welcome her into their arms and hearts.  Our oldest has named her "Little Sister".  I keep telling them that things can change, that she will move to her family when they're found, but I also tell them she's now part of us forever.  I'm praying for my boys too.

Our families love her, our friend's who've met her love her, and we adore her.  We have a host of prayers going up on our behalf and we are so thankful for all of you praying us through this journey.  One of my dear friends told me "God won't bring you to it unless he brings you through it."  I'm trusting in that.  I'm trusting in His plan for us all.  She has changed our lives forever and I think we're providing her a great foundation for whatever may come next.

Jeremiah 29:11  "I know what I am doing.  I have it all planned out; plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for."  That is her verse, but it is also a promise for us on this journey we're just beginning.

2012 was broken in with my favorite people.  My wonderful hubby, our two boys, and new Baby Girl all toasted sparkling grape juice at midnight.  Happy New Year, Everyone!

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