Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Beautiful Day in the Park

What a wonderful day we had today! Baby Girl and I visited friends at Silvertron and had some yummy french toast! We hung out with Melissa and her baby boy, Beck, at Avondale Park! She had a Long nap after that big fun! We spent our afternoon closer to home at Patriot Park where my boys joined us and some friends too!
It was just a beautiful day with my girl. Nothing more and nothing less. To others it might not even be worth writing about, but she's my world so what else would I write about?
My Girl is getting so big! She climbs to the top platform with me right behind and all by herself she gets seated and slides! She says 'weeeee' when we swing! She 'cheeses' for pictures! She's starting to wipe her own hands and she wants to put on her own shoes. I think my least favorite development, though it's completely precious and is completely selfish that it's something I don't like, is that she's putting herself to bed now. I say, 'Are you ready for night night? Do you want to get in your bed?' She toddles down the hall, paci in mouth and starts trying to pull on her crib to get in. When did she get so big?! Where is my baby I want to rock and hold close? I love her so much!!
I just can't believe how fast she's growing all the time! She changes what seems like every day! I love her snuggles; head on my shoulder and sigh of relief snuggles in mommy's arms. They are not as many as I'd like, but they are more precious than gold.
Today there was that threat looming on the edge of unrest, of drama, but I'm really proud of myself for keeping it at bay. I'm proud of myself for remembering that conversation and the ensuing promise I made to her and myself after; I am HER mommy and I will be the best one I can be. I will not let myself get distracted from that. I will continue to be me - the best me I can be - for all my children.
I love my family.

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