Thursday, March 29, 2012

Growing Family

My Baby Girl turned 3mths old last week.  She grows and changes so fast! She's so alert, so talkative, so expressive; she amazes me every day.  I'm in love with the child :)  We had her pictures made for her 3mth milestone. I can't wait to get them back! Not only was it her 3mth mark, but we also had them made with Big Sister!  Big Sister is beautiful and funny; she's a bundle of energy.  We had their pictures made in beautiful spring colors with pink, blue, and yellow attire.

I never would've known how all this foster to adopt stuff would've made me really truly feel.  There are many moments where I'm afraid still because it's not final.  It is all still very much leading in the path for Baby Girl to be with us forever, but even expedited it is a long path.  Outside the fear though is this new awareness, new feelings, about family. My thoughts are on what makes a family and the beauty of how it grows and changes.  
I never would've thought I'd get two beautiful girls in my life, but I have.  My relationship with Big Sister is still forming, but it IS forming and it's growing every time we meet.  I've begun to love her too.  I think about her so many times every day now.  I've also begun to really appreciate the rest of their family which I'm still meeting one person at a time.  Big Sister is blessed with people in her life that want to the best for her and are going lengths to make sure she's making this contact that she needs.  It's a beautiful thing. I am so excited about our growing family. 

Our family is growing in other ways too.  I've been told before you can't pick your family, but I don't think I agree entirely.  Yes, we're all born into this world and there are blood ties, but obviously Hubby and I aren't that concerned with blood.  Blood doesn't make a family; love, support, and desire make a family.  Hubby and I are blessed with amazing people in our lives who show up and call every week and every day.  We have people that give of their time to us consistently without fail.  We have people we can count on.  We are blessed with people who want to make life easier.  These are the things I think of when I think "family". I love the "Aunts" and "Uncles" that have shown up to be part of Baby Girl's life.  I don't know what I'd do without their love and support of Hubby and I on this journey.  These people are our family.

I LOVE our family. Every aspect of every way that it's growing and changing.  It's amazing how this one child can bring together so many.  She is a blessing every day in more ways than I can count. She is our family; she is my daughter.  

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