Tuesday, March 6, 2012


For the love of Publix!
Yesterday I made my rounds of errands and needed to get the month's supply of formula for Baby Girl.  The first two stops didn't have all the quantity needed.  I went to my Homewood Publix and they were 1 can short.  At the customer service desk the sales associated told me they could go to the Vestavia store to pick up the one can I was short and get back to me in the afternoon. Two hours later a sunshiny voice called to say all 10 cans were ready for pickup at the customer service counter.  Baby Girl and I had a very busy afternoon with court and picking up the boys and we didn't get back to Publix for about 3-4 hours.  There was no formula. There was no formula waiting for me and there was no formula on the shelf.  Talk about a frustrated Mommy. Our sales associate was just returning from lunch when this was discovered and her temporary fill-in told us he'd given the formula to another customer. It seems there's another customer that buys the same quantity of the same formula each month and she assumed it was set aside for her and nobody questioned it. The sales associated was as upset as I was! She immediately went to get a manager.  The store manager GAVE me 2 cans of formula for the inconvenience and error and our 10 cans will be ordered for delivery Friday. They even offered to deliver it to our home.  Now I'm a price shopper and I know Publix is a little higher on some items, but really where else can you get service like that. Yes, there was an error but they went above and beyond to repair it.  
I LOVE Publix; they really do go the extra mile.

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