Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lovin' Life and always busy

The rest of February went by in a blur.  We celebrated Chris' birthday on Monday 13th, celebrated Valentine's day on the 14th, and our anniversary on Sunday the 19th.

I have some GREAT pictures of Baby Girl on Valentine's that I would love to share, alas we cannot... It suffices to say she had a very festive outfit of pink with white hearts that had a tiny tag which read "Daddy's Valentine."  Daddy presented her with a pink teddy bear and the duo made the cutest pictures.

I made a stepped up steak and eggs for brunch for my Love and I on Valentine's day as well.

 We had a visit with Big Sister on our anniversary and some how in all the crazy busy afternoon we forgot to take a picture of ourselves.  We celebrated 3 years as a married couple.  He's still my best friend and I love him completely.

We had a fun afternoon in the park with one of my besties and some friends playing soccer and having a picnic!  I can't wait until the weather stays warm enough to do this regularly!

We also celebrated my nephew's 3rd birthday in February!  He was born 1 week exactly after Chris and I wed; I will never forget his birthday!  haha  I came late to the party having had to work and Hubby was in charge of the picture taking... Here's the best of what was taken.
3yr old wish!

Destiny and Baby Girl 

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