Thursday, March 29, 2012

Odds and Ends pasta

Food waste has become one of my pet peeves of late.  I think it's because I'm working less and trying to be more thrifty.  It's how I should've been all along.

Anyways, today I made a fantastic pasta out of odds and ends in my fridge!  I so love to cook and create.

I took equal parts butter and olive oil and sauteed 1/4 red onion.  I added a diced yellow bell pepper and VERY thinly sliced carrot.  When this mix was tender I added a large handful of spinach leaves.  When the spinach wilted I added some left over whole wheat pasta and another tablespoon of olive oil.  To finish it I added a handful of grape tomatoes and some left over black olives, some greek seasoning, sea salt, and black pepper.

After I plated this beautifully colorful pasta, I topped it off with parmesan cheese!  I'd post a picture, but I devoured it :)  It was so good I had to share!

Love food!

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